I am Ariel Cotton.  I'm an artist, UI/UX designer, & maker of interactive things.

I craft beautiful, human-centered interfaces for web and mobile applications. I draw and write comics about life in Berlin and New York City. I even tinker with electronics and make interactive art from time to time.

Featured Work


For this electronics parts search engine, I designed a feature that enables users to view and download CAD drawings for specific parts. I also redesigned the company blog.


UI/UX design, product design, visual design, identity & branding


A Berlin-based design studio had me do the design and front-end development for their website and an internal social media platform for their network of artists, designers, and makers.


UI/UX design, product design, web development

The Rotten Apple

A collection of vignettes in progress about a group of working class college students navigating their way through life in the outer boroughs of New York City.


graphic novel, graphic vignettes

Visit the following sections to browse through more of my work:

What’s New

You’re viewing the newly-launched version 2.0 of Argon & Cobalt! After more than four years of having the same layout up, it was bittersweet to see it go. ;_; Rip robots and rotating gears.

Added some new projects on the Design and Comics sections: Octopart, Unicef, Halt’s Maul, Berlin Am Anfang, and more. There’s now also a new section, Lulz.

One of my comics, Halt’s Maul, was published in the most recent edition of Die Streichelwurst.

As always, follow me on Instagram to see work in progress, including my collection of graphic stories and vignettes, The Rotten Apple.


Interested in hiring me for a design job? Got an inquiry about my work? Just want to state your point of view? Contact me.


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