I am Ariel Cotton. I'm an artist, UI/UX designer, & maker of interactive things.

Who is Ariel Cotton?

I’m an artist, designer, tinkerer, maker of things, meme junkie, and music enthusiast. I developed an interest in comics at age nine, when my babysitter gifted me some Pokemon manga. As a preteen, I lived on the internet, and received my introduction to web design by creating personal websites and fansites for bands I liked, especially The Beatles.

I was born and raised in New York City, and am currently located in Berlin, Germany. I’m now focusing on UI/UX design and writing a graphic novel.

View my resume here.

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Select Exhibits

Old World New World
Solo exhibition • Tapir Gallery • Berlin, Germany • 2018

June Exhibition
Residency group exhibition • D’Clinic Studios • Zalaegerszeg, Hungary • 2016

Warp Zone
Group exhibition • The Vondelbunker • Amsterdam, The Netherlands • 2015

Black and White
Juried exhibition • Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition • Brooklyn, NY, USA • 2015

Too Much Information
Solo exhibition • Tiny Montgomery • Brooklyn, NY, USA • 2015

Containers for the Self
Juried exhibition • Black Earth Gallery • Cedar Rapids, IA, USA • 2015

Gonna Put A Hacks On You
Solo exhibition • Littlefield • Brooklyn, NY, USA • 2014

The Path of Resistance
Solo exhibition • Cooper Gallery • New York, NY, USA • 2013

Select Talks

Design as Language
Design Lab Berlin • Berlin, Germany • 2018

Art and Self-Indulgence
Takt Kunstprojektraum • Berlin, Germany • 2017

The World is Your Interface
Beyond Tellerrand • Berlin, Germany • 2016

Interdisciplinary Design
Up.Front • Berlin, Germany • 2015

Physical Interaction Design
Software for Artists Day • Brooklyn, NY, USA • 2014