I am Ariel Cotton.  I'm an artist, product designer, & maker of interactive things.

I craft beautiful, human-centered interfaces for web and mobile applications. I draw and write comics about life in Berlin and New York City. I even tinker with electronics and make interactive art from time to time.

Folding Bass Amp

Date spring 2013
Categories industrial design, rapid prototyping, product design
Materials foam, glue, Adobe Illustrator, Gorilla tape, assorted dials and switches

Ariel Cotton Industrial Design Folding Bass Amp

I was tasked with interviewing a specific client to try and identify a problem in his life, then designing an object to solve it. My client plays bass in a band once a week, and he complained about the travail of hauling his bass amplifier to band practice on the subway. The amp was large and bulky, and he would frequently have to haul it up and down the subway stairs.

Ariel Cotton Industrial Design Folding Bass Amp

The resulting solution was a lightweight, foldable bass amp that could be easily tucked into a bag. Since I was asked to focus solely on conveying the look, feel and structure of the product, and not to worry about functionality, this prototype is for show only.

Ariel Cotton Industrial Design Folding Bass Amp