I am Ariel Cotton.  I'm an artist, product designer, & maker of interactive things.

I craft beautiful, human-centered interfaces for web and mobile applications. I draw and write comics about life in Berlin and New York City. I even tinker with electronics and make interactive art from time to time.


Date fall 2013
Categories wayfinding design, web development
Tools HTML, CSS, jQuery, Google Maps API

Ariel Cotton UI UX Front End Development New York Presbyterian Rubenstein Tech

When I was a front-end developer at the software engineering firm RubensteinTech, I contributed to the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s wayfinding project. They envisioned a web app that would help patients find their way directly from their homes to the specific room they need to find in the hospital. This was a solution to the confusion facilitated by the hospital campus’s overwhelming size.

On this project we collaborated closely with leading wayfinding designer Two Twelve. They were mainly in charge of the visual and UI/UX design, whereas our foremost task was to implement it into a functional app. I used the Google Maps API for the portion that helps users get from their homes to the hospital campus. For the part that directs users to the rooms they need to visit, non-interactive image maps were used.

The product has not yet been released, hence I am unable to provide screencaps at this time. If you have any more questions about my role in its development, please contact me.